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What is The Last Drop?

"The Last Drop" is a short film that takes us into a dystopian world set in the year 2047, where global warming has reached critical levels. In this context, day zero is an event that marks the moment when public drinking water services stop functioning, plunging society into unprecedented chaos. The plot follows Sergio and Maite, a young couple who face the harsh reality of living in a world where the lack of food and water is the norm. The movie explores the precarious and desperate conditions they must face to survive in an uncertain and desolate future, where day zero is just the beginning of a struggle for survival.


"The Last Drop" was born in April 2022, in the midst of a severe water crisis that affected the state of Nuevo León in Mexico. Lifelong friends Art Gonzlo and Ismael Amador combined their creative talents to address the issue of climate change and water scarcity through an experimental audiovisual medium.

The water shortage that their hometown of Monterrey experienced motivated the artists to collaborate with other multidisciplinary creators from the local scene, such as Carolina Tovilla, Bruno Mellone, and the musical group "Isla en el Desierto", to produce a short film whose goal is to raise awareness about the urgent need to care for water and protect the environment on a global level.


With the intention of raising awareness about climate change and the importance of taking care of water and the environment, "The Last Drop" aspires to evolve and become an initiative that uses photography, film, and music as tools to spread this important message. These themes are vital for everyone, and the creators of "The Last Drop" are committed to using their creativity to sensitize society about the urgent need to protect our planet.

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