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Collaborators of The Last Drop

Meet the collaborators of "The Last Drop"

Ama y Acepta Amor

Ama y Acepta Amor is a social enterprise that was born in 2020. Its objective is to support Mexican micro-producers through the distribution of artisanal and organic products. AyAA's core values are trading together and preserving Mexican traditions. Learn more about this great project on their social media.



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Isla en el Desierto

Isla en el Desierto is a tropical and reggae fusion group

progressive established in Monterrey, Mexico. It is made up of six multi-instrumentalists and best friends who manifest their passion for music by experimenting and letting it guide their path. With the purpose of sharing important messages that provoke reflection, the Island is convinced of raising its voice through art and fighting for collective awakening. 


The Band was formed in 2022 and in February 2023 they released their first EP titled “Transmisión: Trópico De Cáncer” which quickly positioned them as one of the most authentic   emerging proposals in their city, getting them the invitation to play at their first festival Machaca 2023.




Gold Citrus

Gold Citrus offers an immersive experience in each of its live shows, creating a space to enjoy, dance, and sing. Whether it's with their full band or their electronic set, they manage to put a special spin on each of their songs while maintaining the essence of what makes them connect with their fans.

The band takes inspiration from many musical genres to present its Latin pop proposal to the audience through electric guitars, bass, percussion, and synthesizers, thus creating a dynamic show in which the best of a rock band is obtained. a boy band, and a group of DJ's.




Hagamos Histeria! by Manolo Corona

Manolo Corona es a graphic novelist from Monterrey who began to tell stories through the comic format when the pandemic began. between hisLibrary of works are: Macho Mostacho Man, I found what I was looking for. Next to leave: The flame Sánchez and the Chispa Gonzaléz. The “ajúa”-stico Compa Araña.

But Manolo's most important saga is Histeria, which in April 2023 reached its first 200 pages. Find here the collaboration between Histeria x La Última Gota

Read Histeria here


Tik Tok


Band originally from Monterrey made up by José Andrés Mendoza (vocals, guitar), David Mendoza (drums) and Héctor Calderón (bass).

In 2022 the band released their music video "La Presa" which was directed by Art Gonzlo. In that same year the band released their most recent EP: Amor Express.



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