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04/21 @ Cinema Rio 70 - Monterrey, MX

La Última Gota Program

Gente de Barro by Andrés Estrada


Synopsis: A super 8 film made with a selection of 20 films that were exhibited in the last 3 years.

Inhabited in Mexico, we observe the old civilizations with the new ones. 

Accepting the social and environmental changes brought about by La Conquista and Globalization.


Filmed in five states of Mexico and with the Day of the Dead festival, the salesman explores

the past and the present with our cities and traditions.

Hermana de Sangre by Anilú Rovira


Synopsis: Through a series of close-ups to the Boca dam in Monterrey over a period of six months, this artist observes the deterioration of the closest water reservoir to the metropolitan area. At the same time, he observed insecurity  and violence towards women. He investigated, questioned, and documented this water-bearing zone until he made an allegory of the violence exerted on the environment as well as on women. The connection between ecocide and femicide.

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Video Contest Winner:
Saint Robert International School

The Last Drop by Mateo Perez Espinoza

Thank you for participating and being part of the change.

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Hagamos Histeria by Manolo Corona

Sinopsis: Manolo tells us about his career creating comics and shares details about his main saga, "Histeria." He briefly talks about his work before showing us a special mini-chapter written around the importance of conserving water.

El agua no llega sola - Mini Serie Documental por Greenpeace Mexico

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