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The Last Drop in Monterrey, Mexico

Cinema Rio 70  - Friday April 21, 2023

This exclusive event was aimed at friends, family members of the production team, and the community of La Última Gota, with the goal of raising awareness about climate change through film, art, and music.

During the night, music videos from various local artists such as Amper, Gold Citrus, Isla en el Desierto, and Shark Camp were presented. In addition, short films about climate change and water conservation made by Greenpeace, students from Instituto San Roberto Valle Alto, and local artists from Monterrey were showcased. It served as a prelude to the first screening of La Última Gota.

Following the screening, there was a Q&A session with the actors and production team, where the audience got to learn about the creative process behind the making of the film. At the event's closing ceremony, Ama y Acepta Amor presented awards to the winners of the video contest.

The Last Drop in Brooklyn, New York 


Film Noir Cinema - Wednesday May 24, 2023

First private screening of "The Last Drop" in the United States. During the performance, the music videos of "No es Normal" by Gold Citrus, and "Fractales" by Isla en el Desierto were presented; in addition to "Hagamos Histeria".


In addition, a small preview of the documentary "The Making of the Last Drop" was presented for the first time, which explores the creation of the short film "The Last Drop". This through a series of photographs, stories and videos captured during the production stage, showing the process from the conceptualization and filming of the short film to the exclusive screening in Monterrey in April 2023

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